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Wednesday, 17 November 2010


22 september 2009,around 2 something after lunch.

petang yg sungguh2 bosan. raya pun mcm tak raya. mcm tu lah nasib aku yg tak berkampung halaman ni. so daily routine la kan. online sampai lebam. syok punye syok online, ada la comment2 with this one guy. seems like he's lonely, dgn ayt2 yg dia post. comment punye comment, he ask for my handphone number n i gave him. we keep on texting, sedar2 dah maghrib.

arround 2am.

he called. super savers la katakan. HAHA! we had a smooth conversation, and unexpected things happened. he proposed me to be his girlfriend. aku terkedu, sambil mendengar segala syarat2 yg dia kenakan untuk jadi girlfriend dia. yes it was funny. he proposed me to be his girlfriend and set his own rules? tak pernah lagi la dibuat org kan. but i know that time he was really serious. i listen to his word one by one, speechless. and the time he asked me 'will you be my girlfriend?', without any hesitate i answered 'YES!'. i felt warm around my face. from the other side of the cell phone, i heard his happy voices. and that night, i was officially his. 

to be continued ....

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